Generating near-term Alpha with a multi-asset portfolio targeting undervalued global exposures and opportunistic market volatility

Mixed Strategy Alternative Investment Fund

12 Peers Capital, in partnership with GDA Capital presents Avalon Fund, a mixed asset arbitrage vehicle offering short and long exposure into digital assets, equities, and fixed income products.

Investment Thesis

The primary investment objective of the Fund is to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation by identifying undervalued securities in the equities, commodities, FX, derivatives (options), decentralized assets, and bond/notes markets.

The AVALON FUND deploys a mixed-asset investment thesis focusing on decentralized assets & infrastructure, equities, and fixed income products. This asset allocation gives the AVALON FUND strategic positioning to maximize short-term market opportunities while insulating shareholders from macro volatility.

Fund Overview

Bloomberg TickerBBG00HYZBBJO
Net Expense Ratio0.75%
Gross Expense Ratio0.9*
Fund Inception DateApril 14th, 2021
Minimum Initial Investment$1,000,000
Price Per Share$2,500 Per Share
Number of Outstanding Shares49,000 Class A Shares

Material Information

Fund terms
Management Fee2%
Incentive Fee30%
Subscription PeriodMonthly
Redemption PeriodYearly with 90-days notice
Minimum Investment$1,000,000
Service Providers
Fund AdminCircle Investment Support Services (USD) LLC
CustodianNorthern Trust
Legal CounselO’Neal Webster
AuditorDeloitte & Toucher

Fund Objective

The Avalon Fund management thesis is designed to provide near term growth (2 years) while creating downside protection by investing in a diversified portfolio of non-correlated and opportunistic global exposures.

Management Team

Asset management at The Avalon Multi-Asset Strategy Fund is carried out by a highly specialised and well-equipped group of over 10 directors, analysts, and researchers.

Within this broad team dynamic, the named directors below are the team members primarily involved in the management of Avalon Multi-Asset Strategy Fund, Ltd. shareholder funds.



As of March 31, 2021
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Avalon’s mixed-asset composition allows the fund to optimize its’ portfolio diversification.

The ability to freely invest into multiple assets classes & sectors helps the fund outperform other benchmark indices, digital assets, and other key commodities & global markets.


AUM 2021 Objective: $100,000,000 USD
As of May 31st, 2021
Asset-Class% Of Portfolio Holdings
Digital Assets & Infrastructure30%
Futures & Options25%
Fixed Income15%
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